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They Came. They Inspired. They Brought Door Prizes.

Jude Buffum

Once a year, our world opens up when we invite some incredible talent down to our oh-so-balmy city to judge our work, as well as to share their own work, show us that there is life beyond oil and gas, and inspire us with the kind and quality of their projects and work.

At the Meet the Judges event last Thursday night (graciously hosted by Frank White Photography and sponsored by Inmagine) members old and new caught up with old friends and colleagues, peaked at the generous giveaways the judges brought with them, and enjoyed some of the food and libations before settling down to watch the show.

And what a show! It was inspiring as judge after judge showed us the kind of work they’re doing. Mary Fallon opened with Catalyst Studios’ delightful “About Us” film with Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual” for the soundtrack. The 13-person studio is doing great projects with unexpected clients, like the new Target visual arts exhibit rolling out in Dallas this month.

Chris Buzelli does a lot of editorial illustrations for medical, psychology and financial magazines. He had more than a few stand out pieces, including an eerie one of a girl with a mental disorder that causes her to hurt herself.

Don’t be surprised to see Chris Neal’s work on the cover of the next book you buy or in the New York Times Book Review section. His recent piece incorporates an ASCII handgun and the profile of a woman. It’s for a book about a woman who solves crimes using her copyediting skills, a topic that hits close to home. Because that’s what every copywriter does between projects.

Jude Buffum’s iconic work with The Owner’s Manuals (babies and dogs) and his quirky sense of humor had us chuckling longingly as much at his client list as the projects he’s done.

And the way photographer Gary Ness can capture the ice crystals in a martini, had everyone with a Lone Star looking wistfully at their beers.

After the presentations, fabulous door prizes—including a signed Gary Ness print, a Baby Owner’s Manual, a number of cool SnapWrap kits, and a plush Bitz doll—were awarded.

If the quality of the judges and the record-breaking number of entries is any indication, this year’s Houston Show is bound to be spectacular and inspirational.

Written by JoAnn Takasaki.

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