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More boring details on the blog setup

The instructions from the first post worked to create pretty article links, but killed other things in our ISP’s PHP setup like image processing libraries and a host of other things. Time for a rethink of the permalink issue.

The solution comes down to reading in the existing PHP setup (in the form of the php.ini file) from the provider, and then adding on the two lines to fix the permalinks.

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Boring details on the ADCH blog setup

The host this blog resides on lets us use php and mysql, so the initial setup was not too difficult - just edit the Wordpress config file for the database, etc. The trick here was to get article permalinks relatively clean so they weren’t search-engine unfriendly IDs.

I found the following info helpful:
post on permalinks with IIS

The upshot is you create a file in the root directory of your web site called “php.ini” with the following in it:

cgi.fix_pathinfo = 1
cgi.force_redirect = 0

Then you set up your permalink structure as follows:


If we had access to IIS, there are some better options, such as ISAPI plug-ins and the like. In the meantime, this works pretty well.

For email handling, we found wPhpMailer.


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