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The Art Directors Club of Houston is a non-profit organization for those involved in all aspects of advertising and graphic design. The Art Directors Club of Houston was founded in 1955, and our members include art directors, graphic designers, production artists, copywriters, photographers, stylists, illustrators, media producers, and others in related fields - including students and teachers.

The purposes of the Art Directors Club of Houston are to provide a forum for the exchange of information, bring speakers to present their work and ideas, sponsor juried competitions and exhibits create seminars to address various topics, establish a vehicle to promote our profession and create a student scholarship fund.

Some of our past events include a juried show and exhibit, judges’ seminar, awards presentation, art auction, copyright seminars, portfolio and interview panel discussions, economic forecasting conferences, pricing, computer, and presentation seminars, Earth Day creative exhibitions.

Past speakers include Tim Hale, Gary Baseman, Jim Sheradden, Stan Richards, Joe Duffy, Dugald Stermer, Reid Miles,Tom Nikosey, Brad Holland, Michael Schwab, Jay Maisel, Seymour Chwast, Gahan Wilson, David Lance Goines, Art Kane, Doug Johnson, Tom Stabler, Michael Manwaring, Alan Peckolick, Robert Miles Runyan, James Cross, John Casado, Dick Hess, Michael Vanderbyl, Lyle Metzdorf, McRay Magleby, Steve Cosmopulos, Michael Bierut, Jim Mountjoy, Alexander Isley


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