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ADCH at Domy | Exquisite Corpse

ADCH at Domy | May 24, 2007

ADCH had great participation from the crowd that attended the May social at Domy Bookstore and Cafe Brasil. Attendees were invited to draw, write, hang out, drink and create a communal work of art with designers, illustrators, artists, art directors and writers from above and below ground. There was a collaborative writing exercise on a rolled sheet of paper that went on for 30 feet. Below is what everyone put together:


The girl looked like she could use a friend. The reality was, she used everyone. For a means of survivail [sic]… she isolated the weakest member of the herd with wolf-like precision…sliced thru the defense and quickly changed the only thing that we both believe in hope, fun and flying cats, which could easily save the world from the radioactive cheerleaders of death are best at sex… they are already lying down. I stare up at the sky, with images of things to come will show the world that there is love. And there are lizards. I knew this lizard once and he was a rare find in the tropics of the amazon. Small wonder the other man walked up to find it! But he wasn’t happy with what he saw. He screamed in a lenguag [sic] he never heard before: “Ay Caramba!!”, Then he was really impressed. So he started drinking. Nothing fancy. He suddenly learned this new language. “Ani rotze lalejet la sherutim” he said. Nobody understood. The seal said to his stomach, I understand. The stomach smiled and said, shit! But I asked Jesus + he said he was cool with that. So I was like thanks, man; and that’s why my face exploded when I was a baby. I thought the world was flat, and I could dig to the other side. It may have been hairy butt… that smelled like noses in an open field. Then there was dancing like no one was watching. So she did it alone.


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